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Our services

Our practice’s size allows us to offer personalized, high-quality, professional services that are tailored to your needs.
And at competitive rates!

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to have access to quality legal advice, which is why we also accept legal aid mandates on top of adapting our services to your needs. In order to receive a legal aid mandate, you must contact us first. We shall then make an appointment at the Legal Aid Office in immigration for you!

For clients located outside of Montreal, please note that our firm offers consultations through Skype or written legal notices instead of the face-to-face conventional consultation at our offices.


During the consultation, Maître Blandine Sala, the founding lawyer of Salalegal, will ask you about your academic, professional and immigration background and will inform you of the different possibilities of immigrating, whether temporarily or permanently, to Canada. The lawyer’s mission is to understand your goals and the delicate aspects of certain situations. After this consultation, you will have a clearer picture of the immigration options available to you.

* Our firm also offers a free telephone consultation service for employers who would like to hire foreign workers. To learn more about this service, please refer to the section on work permits and contact us.

Our firm offers two types of services,
based on your needs and your preferences.

Custom formula

  • We revise, correct and suggest improvements for your application before you submit it;
  • We write documents in support of your request (explanatory letter, affidavit);
  • We prepare you for an immigration interview, a hearing or other ways of amicable settlement;
  • We prepare your Notice of Appeal;
  • We represent you before the IRB, IAD, RPD, RAD.

A-to-Z formula

  • Your immigration application is being taken care of:
    • We develop a strategy for your acceptance as a temporary or permanent immigrant;
    • We prepare and submit your file;
    • We will carry out the correspondence with the competent government authorities for the duration of the processing of your application;
    • We will carry out the monthly follow-ups.
  • We represent you before the court.
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